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VOMA is a unique opportunity to hear the stories and histories of artists from across the world.

Without the limitations of a physical location, access to a museum is possible to anyone with an internet connection. The online experience enables us to work with partners in new ways; the museum becomes a truly communal experience where the voices of the visitors can be added to the conversation.


It affords us the opportunity to collaborate with museums and collections around the world, bringing artworks to a huge global audience. We can show works from across history, bringing hidden works into the light and shedding new light on well-known pieces.  

The museum programme speaks to the disparate and yet universal nature of the human experience, bringing together ideas and perspectives and firing our collective imagination through partnership and collaboration. VOMA aims to become a hub for debate and discussion around innovation through the digital, to the end of expanding access, enabling new approaches. Through collective ownership, through innovation and debate, we can re-examine what a museum is, how it should work, what it should do.

Lee Cavaliere, Director



VOMA was created by a core team dedicated to opening up the arts for wider audiences. It began development in 2019,  and aimed to create an immersive, photo-realistic 3D in-browser experience that brought the world's greatest art to anyone with an internet connection. 

The Covid-19 pandemic struck and museums and galleries had to close - the VOMA team consulted with museum and tech partners globally, to work a path through this new reality. The need for alternative ways for audiences to see and enjoy art had never been more pressing.  

While other galleries are developing virtual spaces to show their own artists’ works, VOMA is the first truly digital museum – not simply a known establishment presenting known content, but a global institutional project showing the best contemporary art together with historically significant pieces. Constructed from scratch, VOMA was conceived by artist Stuart Semple, working with a global team of architects, CGI designers, gaming experts and curators to give life to the vision. Curator and contemporary art specialist Lee Cavaliere took up the post as VOMA Director ahead of the inaugural exhibition, which launched in November 2020, at the beginning of the third Covid lockdown in Europe. 


Josef Albers  


Max Beckmann

Boris Bucan  

Sandro Boticelli  

Huguette Caland  

Michaelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

Lygia Clark  

John Collier  

Adelaide Damoah  

Eugene Delacroix   

Otto Dix  

Luciano Garbati

George Floyd Boards from Minneapolis

Amartey Golding  

Francisco Goya  

Nelly Guambe  

Martin Gustavsson

Amartey Golding  

Francisco Goya  

Nelly Guambe  

Martin Gustavsson

Trulee Hall  

Frida Kahlo  

Yves Klein  

David Koloane                        

Henri Matisse  

Ana Mendieta  

Joan Mitchell

Piet Mondrian  

Michelle Mouffe

Abe Odedina  

Faith Ringgold  

Mark Rothko  

Michael Petry  

Diego Rivera   

Pieter Paul Rubens  

Martha Rosler

Dread Scott   

Georges Seurat  

Neil Stokoe  

Ilona Szalay  

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec  

Vincent Van Gogh  

Bex Wade                   

Kacey Wong

Luiz Zerbini  



Stuart Semple


Lee Cavaliere


Corneel Booysen

emily mann photo.png

Emily Mann

Michael Booysen
Chief Creative Officer

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