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Leveraging our team's enormous technical and art world knowledge, and access to over $1bn in off-market artworks and artefacts from around the world, we are developing new marketplace tools that will enable a Decentralised, Fractionally Owned Art Collection. 

Finally: Art investment, for all.

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How It Works


Artwork is located, verified, valued, condition checked and secured by our team of experts. We are a member of AiS, the new art industry standard for artwork verification, supported by experts globally. 

The artwork is divided into a number of reasonably priced shares, logged on the Blockchain using digital certification; we aim to keep each affordable to anyone, by credit card, minimum buy $100. No need for users to own cryptocurrencies.

The work is presented to potential investors, supported by an established community and our wider network of collectors, curators and dealers (plus a combined mailing list and socials +300k)

Investors have a say in the location of the artwork; options to include loans to regional museums (through our charity partner, The Sixteen Trust), tours, private exhibitions and events.

A portion of all profit will go to charitable projects, including art and technology projects with young people. Supporting the next generation. 

Art and collectible wealth of UHNWI worldwide amounted to approximately 1.48 trillion U.S. dollars in 2021. 


In North America alone, around 668 billion U.S. dollars in UHNWI art and collectible wealth. This figure is forecast to reach 828 billion U.S. dollars in 2025.

We have access to this hidden market.

  • Fractionalised art sales, selected by experts.

  • Verified, Secure, Simple, AML compliant, 

  • Investors earn from easy resale on the open market, and from any other profits including exhibition fees. 

  • Minimised risk, huge potential returns.

  • Benefitting charities: art and tech for young people

  • Art ownership for all.

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Example artworks and Collections:

Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe Painting. London. £1.2m

Damien Hirst Butterfly Painting. Private Collection. $3.2m

Pablo Picasso, Blue Period Painting. Paris. $30m

Collection of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec drawings. Paris. Sold as a group: $25m

Private collection, based in Geneva. Mainly 20th Century European art. Value: €300m

Corporate collection, London. Available following liquidation. International contemporary, including works by Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, etc. Values from £50,000 - £400,000. Total value over £200,000.

Other Opportunities


Cultural Artefacts

We have been engaged by the Sri Lankan government to promote the country's cultural heritage, through the promotion of historical relics. We will scan these objects and sell NFTs of them, thus raising money for the country desperately in need of funds following a turbulent political period. 

Benefits included with the NFT will include flight discounts and access to restricted relics. Some of the revenue will go to local charities, benefitting young people by training them in art and technology. 

Example profit:

The client would like to realise $2m for the sale of the artefact. We propose a donation of $500,000 to Sri Lanka charities and $500,000 donation to other arts/education charities through The Sixteen Trust.


For each NFT sale, VCollection will charge a 1% fee

For each secondary NFT sale, VCollection will charge a 0.5% fee


Example breakdown:

Edition of 10 NFTs, 3000 editions @ $100 each = $3m


Client will identify charities they work with and that they would like to benefit.

This system benefits governments by generating revenue and tourism, without selling their cultural heritage.


We have been approached by other governments and national museums in Africa, China and Europe. 

We are seeking seed investment to make this a reality. Projections are for profit within Q4, rising to substantial returns and benefits over the first four years. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss the opportunity, and to hear further information. 

Core Team


Lee Cavaliere
Art Director
Curator, art dealer, former Tate manager and Gallery Director


Corneel Booysen

Software entrepreneur, Technologist, Architect


Michael Booysen
Chief Creative Officer

Metaverse, Environment,
AR/VR expert 


Sheila Arora

PR, Marketing veteran, 
cultural diplomat


Amanda Gray
Legal Counsel

Partner at Mishcon de Reya Art Law, London

Advisors Include:

Bernadine Bröcker Wieder, CEO, Arcual

Adelaide Damoah, Artist, Founder Bbfa Collective

Sixtine Crutchfield, Art Director For Wisekey

Dr. Adel Elmessiry, Tech Entrepreneur

Vinay Gupta, CEO, Mattereum

William Kaafarani, MENA Global Group

Genevieve Leveille, Tech Entrepreneur

Jon Sharples, Canvas Art Law

Tiffany St. James, Tech entrepreneur

Dr Jane Thomason, Tech entrepreneur

Robert Upstone, Art Dealer, Former Head Of British Art, Tate

© VCollection 2023

The Sixteen Trust Registered Charity Number: 1184247 



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Founder Member:

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