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This is where you can come to read further on the artists and concepts you’ve encountered here at VOMA. 

With thanks to Xavier Lust for providing the Reading Room bench:


Eugène Delacroix

Video: Liberty Leading the People




Not laughing now: Banksy loses second trademark case over famous monkey image

Banksy is Losing Copyright

John Collier: Lady Godiva

Godiva at the Herbert

Background on the Painting

History of Lady Godiva

Fracnisco Goya

Article: "All You Need to Know About Goya"

The Complete Works


Faith Ringgold
Faith Ringgold

New York Times Article


Martha Rosler
Martha Rosler Website

Martha Rosler at Tate

Interview with Martha Rosler, 2018

Martha Rosler and Protest Art

The Art History Archive

Save the Boards Minneapolis

Save The Boards Website

Donate to Save The Boards 

Pain, power, healing: One woman’s quest to keep protest art in Minneapolis

Dread Scott

Dread Scott Website

Censorship of work on Instagram

A Blade of Grass: An arts nonprofit dedicated to social engagement

Dread Scott TED talk

Article about the above artwork, Vanity Fair

Bex Wade

Interview and project with Queercircle




Kacey Wong

Chinese Security Law in Hong Kong - What You Need to Know


Sandro Botticelli

Botticelli at the Uffizi

Botticelli in Pop Culture

Huguette Caland


Documentary: Huguette Caland

 Full List of Recent Press Here

Raseef 22


The Art Newspaper "Huguette Caland Dies"

Artforum Profile

 New York Times Article

Frieze Magazine

L'Orient Le Jour

Adelaide Damoah 
Artist Website

About Litany for Survival

Black British Female Artists Collective (BBFA)


Interview, 2020

Adelaide Damoah – Into the Mind of the Colonizer 

Luciano Garbati 

The artist's website

Female Rage: Quartz Online

New York Times

The artist responds to controversy

Artemesia Gentileschi 

Discover Artemesia, at the National Gallery, London

Profile: More Savage than Caravaggio

Artemesia's Moment

Trulee Hall

Artist's Website

Exhibition at Zabludovicz Collection, London

Artist Tour of Zabludovicz Exhibition

Two Heads, Two Ways: Background

 Studio International Interview


Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo Foundation

About The Broken Column

Kahlo's Injury and its Effect on her Life

Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Mexican Modernism

Frida Kahlo in Film - Movie List

Leda and the Swan

The Cyprus Museum

The Myth of Leda and the Swan

Depictions of Leda and the Swan in Art

Leda and the Swan through history


Michael Petry

The artist's website

Artist talks

PDF: Background on Golden Rain

Palm Springs Exhibition

Analysis and Background

More analysis and background


Ilona Szalay

Artist's Website

Studio International Article

Unit London: Artists to look out for

Radical Love, Female Lust: Dazed Magazine

Dani Marti

Artist's Website

At Artspace Sydney



Explore the Inventory of Degenerate Art: V&A, London

Entartete Kunst inventory, vol. 1 as PDF

Entartete Kunst inventory, vol. 2 as PDF

Max Beckmann

Descent from the Cross: MoMA, New York

Essay: Kemper Art Museum

André Derain

Biography and Works

Otto Dix

German Conscience:The Great Otto Dix 

Critical Dix

Henri Matisse
Essays from the MET, New York

Red Room (Harmony in Red) From the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersberg

Analysis: The Red Room

George Grosz

‘You nourish yourself with everything you hate’ by MARIO VARGAS LLOSA

10 Things you Should Know About George Grosz

Helen Blejerman


Hieronymus Bosch


An Article from Artnews about the Artist’s Life and Work

Interview with David Bickerstaff, director of The Curious World of Hieronymus Bosch.

Buy reproductions of Bosch works:


George Hendrik Breitner

Artist Biography and Further Images:

An Essay by Hans Roosenboom


Michelangelo Merisi Da Caravaggio

Artist Biography

Life and Work

Article about The 1986 Movie “Caravaggio”, directed by Derek Jarman


Lygia Clark

Information and images from the 2014 MoMA exhibition, Lygia Clark: The

Abandonment of Art, 1948–1988

An Essay on Clark's Geometric Work

MoMA's exhibition of 2017:

Gilbert and George

Essay: “A Door of Hell”: Thresholds, Crisis, and Morality in the Art of Gilbert and George in the 1970s: Article by Gregory Salter
Essay: The Lives of the Artists: 50 years of Gilbert & George


Amartey Golding"

Premier of the piece at London Art Fair, 2017

Background on Amartey and Solomon Golding


Nelly Guambe

Further information and Biography

Further reading


Martin Gustavsson

‘In No Particular Order” 

El Mirage from Martin Gustavsson

Abe Odedina


Paula Rego


Georges Seurat

Background and Biography


Alfred Stieglitz

Profile, Victoria and Albert Museum

Profile: The Metropolitan Museum, New York

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec


Li Wei



Luiz Zerbini

Artwork info and Bio:

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