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A new metaverse for the art and museum worlds:  a photo-realistic space to create and exhibit. Built using Unreal Engine, available in browser.

Buy your plot of VOMAland. Build, create and exhibit.

The world's best art, for everyone. 

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With the expansion of the VOMA landscape, we have created the opportunity for individuals, museums and galleries to create spaces to display their collections, including new exhibition spaces and existing, real-world architecture.

An open world, in browser. Created using

Unreal Engine.

• Working with museums and governments to       forefront cultural exchange with an open world     project featuring art and archaeology
• NFT sales to generate revenue for countries and        charities
• Corporate and institutional projects

• Special Auctions
• A store front for VCollection, our charitable NFT   platform

Cultural Heritage Projects, for Social Good

We have been engaged by the Sri Lankan government to promote the country's cultural heritage, through the promotion of historical relics. We will scan these objects and sell NFTs of them, thus raising money for the country desperately in need of funds following a turbulent political period. 

Benefits included with NFTs will include carbon-credited holidays and discounts, access to museums, restricted relics etc. A percentage of the revenue will go to local charities, benefitting young people by training them in art and technology. 

Example profit:

The client would like to realise $2m for the sale of the artefact NFTs. We propose a donation of $500,000 to Sri Lanka charities and $500,000 donation to other arts/education charities through The Sixteen Trust.


For each NFT sale, VCollection will charge a 1% fee

For each secondary NFT sale, VCollection will charge a 0.5% fee


Example breakdown:

Edition of 10 NFTs, 3000 editions @ $100 each = $3m


Client will identify charities they work with and that they would like to benefit.

This system benefits governments by generating revenue and tourism, without selling their cultural heritage. Nothing needs to leave the country, and the metaverse provides the opportunity for pieces to be seen by a global audience. 


We have been approached by other governments and national museums in Africa, China and Europe. 

Custom-built spaces for museums and galleries, hosted in VOMAland

Created using VOMA Labs pixel-streaming technology and Unreal 5, a state-of-the-art virtual world is yours.

The landscape can host virtual museums, exhibitions, conferencing, workshops and networking events. Visitors can create their own artwork using our tools. 

Available in browser, as a download and on Oculus Quest.

A fully immersive experience.


• Auctions, Launches, special events and exhibitions

• In-browser or download, Oculus-ready
• Conferencing, full metaverse capability

• Custom-designed

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